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Talking Pictures TV Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

As 2022 winds down, Daniel Reifferscheid guides you through what Talking Pictures TV has in store for the remaining months - including some saucy 70's cinema, a 50's office drama and the conclusion of a beloved sci-fi series. 

Nov 7, 2022

The earliest Hammer film still in existence, some Technicolor noir, a lesser-known Alec Guinness film and more make up what's on offer in this edition of the podcast dedicated to the UK's favourite television channel. Join Mel Byron and the team as they discuss these and more gems showing on TPTV between 7th and...

Oct 16, 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the official Talking Pictures TV podcast 

This week featuring movies starring Sylvia Syms, Dirk Bogarde, Richard Attenborough and Danny la Rue and with music from Cilla Black and Frank Sinatra.

Who said variety was dead eh...?

Oct 3, 2022

Alistair Sim, Yul Brynner, Emma Thompson - they're all here in the latest episode of the Talking Pictures TV Podcast!

Sep 12, 2022

Go behind the scenes with The Projectionists. Journey to Marseille in pursuit of drug barons. Fight for Khartoum with General Gordon. Join Mel Byron and the team for all of this and more as they look at what's coming up on Talking Pictures TV from mid-Sept to early October. Look out for Boris Karloff and Leo McKern too!