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Talking Pictures TV Podcast

Mar 11, 2020

The Talking Pictures TV podcast is back!

As ever, we are celebrating the very best in classic film and TV, this time highlighting some of the gems on the channel in the first half of March. What a first half it is too, like a classy cocktail party, with lots of old friends to cosy up to and plenty of new ones you've always wanted to meet, but haven't yet had the time.

In the host's chair is Mel Byron, who'll be introducing the new podcast producing team and talking about one of her favourite subjects, Googie Withers – again! There are guest reviews galore, covering an eclectic range of films, from the timeless classic, Whistle Down the Wind, to the glorious Passport to Pimlico. On the way, we'll encounter some British noir, Sir Cliff Richard, and killer weed! There are one or two long forgotten goodies in there,too.

So, something for everyone in this newest episode.  Grab your favourite beverage, settle down and enjoy the ride. If you fancy submitting a review yourself, get in touch at for details of how to get involved.

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